Miho Hatanaka

Miho Hatanaka received her BS (2006) from the Department of Chemistry; MS (2008) in the Department of Chemistry and Doctor of Science (2011) from Keio University, respectively. In 2011, she became a fellow, Fukui Kenichi Memorial Research Center, Kyoto University, and moved to became Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Technology, Kinki University in 2015. She moved to become Project Associate Professor, Research Promotion Department, Nara Advanced Institute of Science and Technology University in 2017. After 3 years at Nara Advanced Institute of Science and Technology University, she moved back to an associate professor position at Keio University in 2020.

She focuses on Material Informatics, and Mechanistic Elucidation and Ligand Design of Lanthanide Emission Sensors by Quantum Chemical Calculations.