Mayu Muramatsu

Mayu Muramatsu received her BS (2007) from the Mechanical Engineering Department; MS (2009) in the Mechanical Engineering Department and Dr.Eng. (2012) from Keio University (KU), respectively. In 2011, she became a research associate in the Mechanical Engineering Department of KU, and moved to became Research Scientist at National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in 2012. She moved to Tohoku University in 2014. After 4 years at Tohoku University, she moved back to an assistant professor position at KU in 2018 and is promoted to an associate professor at KU in 2022.

She focuses on multiphysics in a broad spectrum of materials including metals, polymers and ceramics. Recently, she proposed a new method for calculating the mechanical properties and generating the microstructure based on the material structure with machine learning. Currently, she is working on the effective computational approaches using the quantum computers for microstructure formation and mechanical simulations to contribute to a better understanding of the structural materials.

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