Takashi Abe

Takashi Abe is a researcher at Keio Quantum Computing Center.

He received his B.S. at Keio University (2000), M.S. and Ph.D. at Tokyo Institute of Technology (2003 and 2007, respectively). In his graduate student days, he was also a visiting scholar at California Institute of Technology (2001-2002, and 2004-2006). After his graduate study, he worked at Tokyo Institute of Technology (2007), the University of Tokyo (2007-2020), RIKEN (2020-2023) and Osaka University (2023). He is currently a Project Associate Professor of the Graduate School of Science and Technology at Keio University.

He received the Seiichi Tejima Research Award (Doctoral Dissertation Award) (2008), the Young Scientist Award of the Physical Society of Japan (2011) and the RIKEN BAIHO Award (理研梅峰賞) (RIKEN Excellent Achievement Award) (2023).

His current research interests are quantum computing and quantum many-body physics.