Michihiko Sugawara

Michihiko Sugawara is a researcher at the Keio Quantum Computing Center.
He graduated from Tohoku University with an undergraduate degree in Chemistry (1988)
and received his M. S. (1990) and Ph. D. (1993) from Tohoku University.

He worked as a JSPS postdoctral fellow at Tohoku University in 1992.
From June 1994 he started to work as postdoctral fellow at Arizona State University,
then he moved to Institute of Atomic and Molecular Science (IAMS) in Taiwan in November 1994.
From 1995 he worked for Department of Chemistry, Keio University, as a research associate and assistant professor.

Dr. Sugawara’s current research is coherent control of quantum dynamics and theoretical design of control field.
He is also interested in numerical calculation of vibrational eigenstates of various molecules and wave packet dynamics.

Dr. Sugawara is currently a project associate professor at Graduate School of Science and Technology at Keio University.